The important scientific research and therapy programs conducted at the Center for Family and Adolescent Research come from a group of highly skilled and dedicated professionals working together for a common goal. Our team is made up of scientists, clinicians, administrators and research assistants who are all dedicated to achieving excellence in our research and clinical work.

Holly WaldronHolly B Waldron, Ph. D., has been CFAR’s Director since 1996. Dr. Waldron is a nationally recognized expert in the development and evaluation of behavioral and family-based treatments for adolescent substance abuse, HIV risk and problem behaviors. She is an ORI Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator of CFAR’s program of research in treatment for troubled teens and their families. Dr. Waldron is also actively involved as a supervision consultant and is a Functional Family Therapy trainer to professionals both nationally and internationally.
View Dr. Waldron's current projects and research publications.

Janet BrodyJanet L. Brody, Ph.D
., is CFAR’s Clinical Director and an ORI Research Scientist. Over the past eleven years, she has supervised the treatment of hundreds of substance-abusing adolescents and their families in CFAR’s program of clinical trials. She is Co-investigator in Dr. Waldron’s studies of treatment for adolescent substance abuse and Principal Investigator of her own studies in research ethics. View Dr. Brody’s current projects and research publications.

Charles TurnerCharles Turner, Ph.D
., is a Senior Scientist at ORI and has been a Co-investigator in CFAR’s clinical trials program since 1996, providing expertise in study design and statistical analysis. He is Principal Investigator of a study that will combine data from seven clinical trials completed by the country’s top experts in outpatient treatment for adolescent substance abuse. The purpose of the study is to identify factors that may help clinicians match patients to the type of treatment that will work best for them. View Dr. Turner’s current projects and research publications.


TimTim Ozechowski, Ph.D., is an ORI Research Scientist with expertise in quantitative research methods and clinical work with families and teens. He has provided statistical analysis for CFAR clinical trials since 2002. He is Principal Investigator of two current projects, one to develop and test a form for rating the performance of family therapists, and the other to apply a sophisticated analysis technique to identify patterns in family communications that may correlate with teen drug use and the effects of treatment. View Dr. Ozechowski’s current projects and research publications.


jeanne dalen Jeanne Dalen, Ph.D., Therapist and Associate Research Scientist, has been with CFAR since she entered the graduate program in Psychology at UNM in 2001. She completed a clinical internship at the Albuquerque VA and received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2008. Dr.Dalen has over 13 years' experience conducting both research and clinical work with chronic illness populations including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Currently, she works as a therapist in CFAR’s adolescent substance abuse programs and is the Principal Investigator for a research program of her own based on her dissertation research on evaluating a family-based mindful eating intervention for overweight adults.View Dr. Dalen's current projects and research publications


Michael Robbins,Dr. Robbins has over 15 years post-doctoral experience conducting clinical research with adolescents with behavior problems, including substance use. He has led several federally-funded research projects, including two large multi-site clinical trials with substance abusing adolescents as well as an innovative process study examining in-session behaviors of therapists across three family therapy models. In addition, he has extensive clinical experience and has overseen the training of hundreds of family therapists. View Dr.Robbin’s current projects and research publications.


Lindsey Barela-Scott, MA, LMHC,Therapist, joined CFAR as a Research Assistant in 2007 while working on her Masters in Counseling at UNM. She received her MA in 2011 and worked at another community agency for two years before returning to CFAR as a therapist in 2013. Lindsey provides therapy to adolescents and families using group therapy and Functional Family Therapy.



DemianDemian Rubalcaba LMSW, Therpist, Demian is a Social Worker who obtained his Masters in Social Work from NMSU and his undergraduate degree in psychology and philosophy from UNM. He is also a family and adolescent therapist at the Center for Family and Adolescent Research in Albuquerque. Demian has spent his professional career working with youth and adults in mental health and substance-use issues. He is the director of the Heroin Awareness Committee's youth council, The Occupy Yourself Initiative. He is also the New Mexico state representative for SMART Recovery, a scientifically-based addiction recovery support group, a member of the SMART Recovery national teen team and also leads several groups for youth and adults facing the challenges and wonders of recovery. 


dave waldron

Dave Waldron, Tech Specialist, provides computer support and manages data collected in CFAR research studies.



Research Assistants: Aleah Montano, Alyssa Miller and Christine Lente conduct assessments with adolescents and their families before and after therapy in CFAR’s substance-abuse treatment programs. Assessments, which include questionnaires and interviews, provide research information that will help design more effective treatments for adolescent with substance-abuse.


CFAR is a program of Oregon Research Institute